THAI (Thai traditional massage)
It relieves muscle tension and tendon stretches the spine and extremities, adding energy to the whole body. Is thus suitable for removing stress muscle and pain. It restores inner balance and harmony, releasing toxins from the joints, muscles and other soft tissues, increases blood circulation, improves excretion of harmful substances from the body, strengthens the nervous system and eliminates back pain. The result is a feeling of complete relaxation and ease.
60min – 29,-€ 90 min – 41,-€

Pass 4 x 60 min. THAI (Thai traditional massage) 

AROMA (oil massage)
This is done using original massage oil imported from Thailand. This is a massage that is softer than traditional Thai massage, being a full body massage using oils that help to total relaxation, elimination of fatigue, pain and setting mental and physical harmony. This type of massage is particularly effective in removing tension and stiffness of muscles, and is excellent for the skin.
60min – 39,-€ 90 min – 51,-€

Pass 4 x 60 min. AROMA (oil massage) 

Aroma – 4 hands massage (oil massage)
Four-hand aromatherapy massage is designed for the most demanding, during which he will take care of two professionally trained masseuses. The exclusivity of this massage lies mainly in the fact that our brain is unable to control the movements of two massage therapists at the same time, we are left nothing but give up control and let completely carried away by the perfect harmony and relaxation. Massage promotes blood circulation, helps in breaking down harmful substances, strengthens the immune system, relieves pain in muscles, maintain flexibility, smoothness and softness of the skin, body reshaping, refreshes tired body and mind, helping to achieve a state of complete harmony and peace. The massage additionally using only natural oils aromatherapy effects, for example. lavender, honey, orange-cinnamon, mint – rosemary … according to the current selection.
60min – 78,-€ 90min – 102,-€

THAIMIX (a combination of traditional Thai and oil massage)
90min – 54,-€ 120min – 64,-€

Pass 4 x 90 min. THAIMIX (a combination of traditional Thai and oil massage) 

Back and shoulders
This is a massage that focuses on the cross and lumbar region, shoulders, neck and head. Repeat this massage leads to degradation of chronic pain of the spine, head, and has a positive impact on frequent migraines.
30min – 19,-€ 60 min – 29, – €

Pass 4 x 60 min. Back and shoulders

It is a stimulating vegetative points of human organs associated with calf massage. Massage is a very relaxing effect and acts not only physiologically but also psychologically and stress. Can play an important role in achieving and maintaining better health and well-being.
30min – 19, – €

This is a classic relaxing massage, which aims to increase operational efficiency, eliminate fatigue, or treatment. Represents the effect on the body and manipulating the body with pressure. These are the finest of all the mentioned massage.
60min – 30, – €

Pass 4 x 60 min. CLASSICAL MASSAGE

Conditions Cancellation massages
In the case of prepaid massage (massage itself or pass) the modification or cancellation fees needs to be done at least 24 hours in advance. In the event of a change after that date it will be deemed don’t massage effected without compensation.

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